So how did it get here? Circa 2006, I began hobby shooting on a Kodak EasyShare CX7330 3.1 MP point-and-shoot camera. Then I progressed to the Kodak EasyShare M853 point-and-shoot. I was capturing mostly sunsets, clouds and whatever else I found interesting. Back then there was Myspace, so I would display my pictures on there and get a pretty good buzz about “my angles” and the way I captured an image.

In high school, I was known for carrying my camera around. I’d take pictures of my peers almost on a daily basis. So I took a photography class to further my skills. I practiced on a Minolta x-370 film SLR that I had borrowed from my Uncle. I learned about the basics: aperture, shutter speeds, dodging & burning, and more impressively, how to develop my own film in the darkroom.

So now we’re up to 2009, and here comes the invention of the first ever dual-screen Samsung TL220. I had to have it. So like any spoiled teenage girl, my father got it for me. This was the “it” camera for me. Selfies existed long before Instagram and because of this camera, I was the queen of taking them. I barely ever put it down.

Fast forward to 2012; junior year in college. I decided enough with the point-and-shoots, it’s time to run with the big dogs. So with the help of a copious SUNY tuition refund, I was able to purchase my very first professional camera – the Canon EOS Rebel T3. This would be my biggest (and best) investment in a camera thus far.

In hindsight, I don’t even know what led me to purchase a DSLR but having it led me to discover that photography just might be my niche. With the encouragement from my colleagues and friends, I’d go on to create rather exceptional images and experiment with various photography styles.

To date, I’ve shot multiple events like local concerts, baby showers, and parties. I’ve also immersed myself into the genres of conceptual, candid/lifestyle, and street-life photography which have come to be one of my greater abilities. Nevertheless, I am open to exploring all genres in order to meet my consumer’s needs.  I hope to expand my portfolio and create timeless portraiture that will linger on in my name. Hence, the ‘Jae Era’.

So without further ado, I am Erica Jae and this website has been created to showcase an array of talents that have unfolded along this journey into selfhood. The ‘Jae Era’ is more than a brand or a logo, but rather a self-discovery period.  You will see much more than photography, as I regard myself as an aesthete for all things art and not just a photographer. 🙂